img_8646img_8671img_8695img_8737img_8746Sorella sweater; NAKD culottes; Ann Demeulemeester mules

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.” – Bob Marley

These are some of my favorite photos I’ve taken this year, partly due to the trippy background and partly due to the spontaneity of it all. These were taken in Silverlake, right as the sun was setting, and right as my assistant and I had driven one hour in traffic to get from the west side to the east side. We both really had to use the bathroom when we arrived, but instead I used it as motivation for us to quickly shoot because we were losing daylight. It was both the worst and best idea I’ve ever had. Nonetheless, I was and am still super pleasantly surprised at the photos we shot, however hastily.

We also created an Outfit of the Day video so if you’d like to see this in motion, click here. (PS I LOOOOVE this video a whole lot too.)

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