IMG_7052IMG_7059Blazer Missguided, Culottes NAK-D, Kitten Heels Sole Society, Bra AdoreMe, Earrings Year901, Sunglasses (My Store which is now shut down)

The number one comment on any one of my style videos has got to be, “I wish I could dress well, but I don’t have money!” This outfit is a good example of how accessible it is to dress in an elevated sense on a rather minimal budget. Despite looking quite designer, all of my pieces are from very affordable brands. Though I personally try hard to veer from shopping fast fashion generally, I must admit- when you’re a budget and (for lack of a better word) trying to make DAT coin, it’s hard not to succumb.

We shot these photos on Melrose Place right in the back parking lot of Alexander McQueen. Directly facing in front of me were the plexiglass doors to the inside of the high-end shop. All of the workers inside kept peering outside at me to see what I was doing. I can’t tell you how awkward it is to pose so nonchalantly when you’re so worried of whether or not they’ll kick you out and whether or not you actually look good in your outfit! Ah, the woes of first world problems.

Stay gold, Ponygirls.

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